Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The next 4 from Mieke.

The four for march,

W-Terracotta clay, white stoneware clay letter with a green glaze.
Z- Slumped glass
E- B.R.T. clay, with a crawl glaze.
T-B.R.T. clay letter in a crawl glaze, outside is a crystal glaze.

By doing this first alphabet, my mind is working on the next one, what to do?? what to use? So many possibilities, it just makes ME curious at how it will look like!

March metal letters

I just love how the ALaW is developing - so many different mediums being put into play on something that is so familiar to us all.

I have continued with my metal letters - great when you can get metal to rhyme with the month.

I have photographed the letters out of sequence as the letter J was the only one that had curves; and so I wanted it centred to standout amidst the other foldformed letters. As you can see from the letter I the foldforming can create a bit of tension in the metal - I can't always get them to sit flat.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Calm after the rain:

Christine: It has been a whirlwind month with distractions aplenty, but I managed to take my dog for a nature walk this morning. So invigorated was I with the early morning air that I was inspired to do my quota of five letters today.

Noela's next letters

I am posting 4 letters today as I will be away for the next couple of weeks. This should bring me up to date as of April 12th.
...'j' select, rotate, clone,
...'K' select, rotate, clone,
...'L' select, enlarge and clone,
...'m' select, rotate and mirror.
I had a bit of trouble with the 'L'. There was a printed L inside the box, but I wanted to give myself a bit more of a challenge because the J and K were fairly straight forward. That bent nail on the box lid is being put to lots of good use!

Lilo's February letters

My letters are done on Yupo paper which is an Asian paper 100% Polypropylene. It does not absorb watercolor and thus you can shove the paint around. You can also remove all color by wiping off with wet rag and start again. I find it lots of fun to play with. . . Once you have finished a painting you must spray it with a fixative to save it.

Lilo Meany

Kim Schoenberger's ALaw - IJKLM

I like the way in which my 'discarded' letters have presented themselves in pure spontaneity and find it even more interesting the ones that have been hard to find, into thinking outside the square.
I & J - were found in an old box of finds of rusted nuts and bolts,

K - has been my most challenging letter yet, funny thing...should I read into that? An old wingnut attached to a post cut in half (post - internal part to connect two door knobs) .

L - was a happy find, a chuck tool for tightening a drill bit into a drill,

M - just happened to come to me in the old rake head I liked the look of, abit cut of the end...cement still intact.

Euan's first four letters

My inspiration comes from my love of classic cars, nice shiny ones with lots of chrome bits, where these letters came from.

A simple 7 by 7 frame using red electrical wire from another car was used to isolate the individual letter.

Where this theme will lead me, who knows, but what a great excuse to photograph old cars!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Janna's first letters...

These are my first attempts.

In pondering my interpretation of letters I gazed at my studio wall where this key hung.
In it were 4 letters - I, D, O, U. Each letter was then accented in a cut out, dampened to hang over the key and photographed on some gorgeous rust (on the bottom of a drum).

Margaret of Tofield

During the long cold winter here in Alberta, I have been hand piecing quilt blocks. Recently I discovered that there are actually letters within the pieces.
Here's a couple: Letter T and C.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jim's catching up letters...

In an another life I spent 14 yrs working in places like Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as a graphic designer.
Before Letraset or computers to depict a letter you had to paint or draw it.
I had loved calligraphy at art school, however being left handed my ‘thicks’ were often misplaced.
The short of this is that I love lettering and letter form in general hence my involvement in this worthy project.
Having a reputation for tackling things from the ‘wrong’ perspective I am probably not sticking to the ‘letter’ (pardon the pun) of the law.
All my letters fit into a 7cm X 7cm space.
As I am considering my final presentation I have put them all on bigger squares because I like the space, or simply because the paper already had something on it that worked with my letter.
As a graphic designer I am accustomed to search all relevant possibilities which means I may appear to be jumping all over the place using different ideas and techniques ... and I am.
Moving from collage to watercolour to pen & ink etc..
I am fascinated by the minimal and find the spaces between letters speak volumes and may within the 7 X 7 space, become the letter or part thereof.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Marg's March letters

While demonstrating at the Canberra Show I devised this alphabet using a #4 automatic pen and chinese stick ink. My lettering is casual and free. I loved doing it with passers-by watching occasionally!!

February letters

more doodlings to continue my alphabet

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flame On!

These letters were created with Flame Painter, a drawing website linked from Kim Kommando, the digital goddess.

It's so cool to draw with! I may never touch pen to paper to do my letters for ALAW. There are many variations for to your control: color, size, opacity, saturation. The background is either black or white, which gives the drawing a smoky effect.

Others have posted how they will put together their letters. I haven't decided yet. I want to have mine ready for the Montana State Fair where the Big Sky Scribes will have a show.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sue's March letters

More kiln peep hole letters from Sue in South Africa

My letter 'h'

...lots of 'cloning' of the paint on the box...
I rather like this letter - a nice clear chubby little lower case 'h'.

Monday, March 22, 2010

JGR March letters

Hi everyone - here are my letters for March. To review my approach: I must work with my first attempt, no starting over. This is a great lesson for me in becoming more spontaneous with my work. 'I' is black acrylic 'painted' straight from the tube instead of using a brush. 'J' is watercolor painted with a brush and then sprayed with alcohol. 'K' is black sharpie with dry brush watercolor paint (see bottom right corner for brush marks) colored pencil accents on top. 'L' is water soluble pencils with drips of water to create texture. I am using slightly different techniques for each letter, it's a good learning exercise. Thank you for viewing!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Letters from Jan/Feb

I have come late to Copperplate. I have a beautiful envelope from an exchange, gold ink on black envelope that inspired me to try it out and I was able to take a workshop through my guild last year, so it seemed a good one to do for this challenge, to get me to work with it. I have started with the letters that seemed to come most easily. :-) I am using water colours on water colour paper. The border is with Chinese ink.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My second lot of letters - catching up

Here are 4 more letters in my 'happy accident' series. I am hoping to be able to collate them into a collaged work once I have finished them all...

Google Earth letters

Fiona, our intrepid leader, tells me that whole alphabets have been sourced from 'Google Earth'. Wow - I would LOVE to do this ...maybe for my second alphabet. This is what I found in the Sinai Desert whilst strolling/scrolling through one day recently.

the letter 'G'

..once again, a 'yucky' looking letter from the inside of the box. This word 'gelignite' is stamped on the inside of the box. In the 'olden days', gelignite boxes were a great source of recycled strong timber for the home handyman. I also have a lovely small cupboard made from gelignite boxes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters for January and February - catching up!

Heaven knows if I am doing this right - having never blogged before!

Alphabet 1
I am currently doing some casual work in a ‘box’ factory and I am always collecting offcuts of paper and cardboard - a calligrapher's heaven!
After one job where I had to strip a diecut shape from cardboard and push out the stencil ‘d’ from the middle, I couldn’t bear to throw out all the little quarter circle shapes – I now have literally hundreds of them! So, I had a thought ... use them to stamp shapes on paper!
Then when I heard about the Letter a Week project I decided to design an alphabet based on a circle created with these little cardboard shapes.

Alphabet 2
Because I want to make a book out of my stencil alphabet I am going to interleave the stencil alphabet pages with a sheets of tracing paper. To make it more interesting, I am writing my second alphabet with a ruling pen, then scanning and printing it onto the tracing paper in grey so the stencil alphabet can be seen under it.
So my two letters (ie Ruling Pen A and Stencil A, etc) are shown overlaid in the one image.

Meg (confuzed)