Monday, March 29, 2010

Euan's first four letters

My inspiration comes from my love of classic cars, nice shiny ones with lots of chrome bits, where these letters came from.

A simple 7 by 7 frame using red electrical wire from another car was used to isolate the individual letter.

Where this theme will lead me, who knows, but what a great excuse to photograph old cars!


Fiona Dempster said...


I can't choose between the R and the S - love them both! And they are all so nice and shiny!

Margaret-Anne said...

What a clever idea, to find interesting letterforms on classic cars. So much inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Euan.

Gemma Black said...

Ah Euan ... magnificent. You have a natural instinct for the lettering arts. Don't go telling your wife you need to purchase another classic car for more letters though!

x x gb

mstrong said...

Wait till the boys at the A.S.of A. hear about this Euan! You'll be excommunicated before the next committee meeting. We can't have accountants being creative in this country!


P.S. Not being an accountant I can safely admit to being impressed by this artistic outburst :)

Barry said...

E - great idea - they look good - hope you don't get picked up for snopping around classica cars taking close up photos. By the way the red flex frame is a winner.B