Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March metal letters

I just love how the ALaW is developing - so many different mediums being put into play on something that is so familiar to us all.

I have continued with my metal letters - great when you can get metal to rhyme with the month.

I have photographed the letters out of sequence as the letter J was the only one that had curves; and so I wanted it centred to standout amidst the other foldformed letters. As you can see from the letter I the foldforming can create a bit of tension in the metal - I can't always get them to sit flat.


Kim Schoenberger said...

B. I like the 'tension' in the "I" it allows the metal to have a say in the process. I really like your K too. K

Fiona Dempster said...

I think the K,L and M are really strong fold-forming; crisp and sharp. Looking good!


Anonymous said...

These call to some inner memory of mine - they seem both ancient and modern and very tactile

Barry said...

Thanks folks - it is always great when other ALaWers find a connection with the weekly creativity. B