Monday, March 29, 2010

Lilo's February letters

My letters are done on Yupo paper which is an Asian paper 100% Polypropylene. It does not absorb watercolor and thus you can shove the paint around. You can also remove all color by wiping off with wet rag and start again. I find it lots of fun to play with. . . Once you have finished a painting you must spray it with a fixative to save it.

Lilo Meany


Fiona Dempster said...


these are fabulous - they make me want to do finger painting! Great colours and lovely movement,

Margaret-Anne said...

If I can find my Yuppo paper, I'd like to make some letters just like yours. These are really amazing and vibrant.

CJ Kennedy said...

Love the vibrant colors!

Kim Schoenberger said...

Most definitely inspiring, love the movement in these and the playful nature.

Barry said...

L As others hasve said the colour and movement in these letters are great. B