Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters for January and February - catching up!

Heaven knows if I am doing this right - having never blogged before!

Alphabet 1
I am currently doing some casual work in a ‘box’ factory and I am always collecting offcuts of paper and cardboard - a calligrapher's heaven!
After one job where I had to strip a diecut shape from cardboard and push out the stencil ‘d’ from the middle, I couldn’t bear to throw out all the little quarter circle shapes – I now have literally hundreds of them! So, I had a thought ... use them to stamp shapes on paper!
Then when I heard about the Letter a Week project I decided to design an alphabet based on a circle created with these little cardboard shapes.

Alphabet 2
Because I want to make a book out of my stencil alphabet I am going to interleave the stencil alphabet pages with a sheets of tracing paper. To make it more interesting, I am writing my second alphabet with a ruling pen, then scanning and printing it onto the tracing paper in grey so the stencil alphabet can be seen under it.
So my two letters (ie Ruling Pen A and Stencil A, etc) are shown overlaid in the one image.

Meg (confuzed)


Noela Mills said...

These are FANTASTIC - well worth waiting for. Congratulations!

jgr said...

Yes, worth waiting for!! This is super cool and very creative.

Fiona Dempster said...

Meg - the combination works so well together; fabulous design! I'm looking forward to seeing how the normally uncurved letters work out.


Gemma Black said...

Meg, this is no "con". You have very cleverly "fuzed" the layers ... love them! x x x gb

Kathy McCreedy said...

I LOOOOVE this project!!! Your letters are beautiful... I hope you'll share when you finish this project, I'd really like to see the final outcome. You rock, girl!

SassyJean said...

Well designed! I like the layered look. It will be a very nice book.