Thursday, January 28, 2010

The first 4 - Elaine

For this project I decided that I would work through my collection of interesting ideas that I was always going to do something with ‘one day’.

I sometimes use gold in my work, but very rarely silver, so I decided to restrict my palette to silver, black and red and work on black paper. The only exception to my rule is that I can also incorporate black & white photos. Elaine.

Week 1. A - EW
Silver gouache painted onto black Velin Arches 250 gsm paper, letter written with ruling pen using black and red ink.

Week 2. B - EW
Black and white photograph painted with gesso, plastic tool to ‘write’ letter into the wet surface. Red thread highlight.

Week 3. Z - EW
Scratch foam print using a 3B pencil as the mark-making tool. Printed with silver block printing ink on black Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Week 4. O - EW
Wet-on-wet wash. Black, red and silver inks applied with dropper on black Velin Arches 250 gsm paper. Letter O written with silver 3.5mm Zig marker.


Fiona Dempster said...


I just adore these! Theya re beautiful and expressive and personal. I like the way you are able to use hte project to do sthings you wanted to do "one day".



Noela Mills said...

These are fabulous - I love them - lots of very right brain ideas.

jgr said...

These are beautiful! Very innovative too!

Pam's pens, papers & stuff said...

It blows me away the creativity you have within you Elaine - love it

Gemma Black said...

I wish I were inside your head as the thought process to these creative ideas, mark making and techniques took place, incredible work Elaine. x x gb