Saturday, January 23, 2010


As you all know I'm working in clay, a slow progress, compared to some of you working in other media.

So it takes me a little longer to get my letters ready I started a few weeks ago and decided to use different clay every month.
For January I have chosen white stoneware, printed pattern and glaze them after they have been bisque fired.And  do 4 letters at the same time a wee bit of cheating!

 This is the first stage not fired yet.

At the moment my letters are really, really HOT!!
As you can see through the peephole of my kiln.

Always exiting to open the kiln and see how everything is the way I intended to.
I just have to wait till tomorrow!

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Kim Schoenberger said...

Just love them, Meike and the photo of the spy hole in the kiln is a treat!