Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first month - Fiona

So far so good, the project is making me do things which I haven't done before; has given me permission to play; and forced me to do something even if I didn't feel like it or think I had the time!

I have chosen to make my first alphabet a technique experiment alphabet - using tools and surfaces I don't normally pick up and work with. I decided that in order to keep a sense of continuity /coherence I would use a Roman Capital throughout. Interestingly I have done the letters sequentially so far... maybe I'll break out later!

A - purple marker pen, on Kozo paper, then touched with water brush.
B - I used a hot poker to burn the letter into cedar
C - rusted, steel, letter traced onto metal using a soap pencil, then engraved using a Dremel.
D - letter cut out of contact, stuck to perspex and sandpapered over on the top surface.

The individual letters and more detail are over at my Paperponderings blog


jgr said...

Hi Fiona,
These letter forms are great, I especially like the 'A'. It has a nice balance of spontaneous and control.

Anonymous said...

Very classy and a great show of lateral thinking within a classic style :) Noela xoxox

Pam's pens, papers & stuff said...

What imagination you have Fiona and still great letterforms done under difficulty.

Gemma Black said...

The simplicity and strength of Romans done well, therein lies the difficulties. Superbly done Fi, great work. x x x gb