Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tubular peace bell for my first alphabet

There are so many great pieces being posted that I felt I needed to get my skates on and put my first alphabet together in one 3D sculptural piece.
I decided to to create a set of tubular bells on the theme of peacefulness and joy. So I have used the vowels to create five pipes with the following words: pax, joy, hum, lit (for light) and zen. The other eleven letters were used to create two other pipes.

As you can see from the photos above the final piece took on a bit of a temple bell look.
It all took a bit longer than I thought. I needed six rivets per letter as some of the foldformed letters and beaten metal letters were pretty hard to bend around the pipe; and of course I needed to make and paint the stand; and Fiona and I needed to discuss options for hanging the pipes and their length; and then they had to be cut and drilled; and hanging them with nylon fishing line was the final challenge.
The good news is that whilst they are not tuned they do make a lovely sound.


Kim Schoenberger said...

Looks fantastic B, It is resonate of Black bamboo, especially the image to the left. I love the way you have resolved the final outcome. K

CJ Kennedy said...

What a fabulous idea!

Noela Mills said...

This is really beautiful, Barry. It is great that you have not been restricted by conventional calligraphic outcomes. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Barry you are going in leaps and holding your creative inspiration back are on a roll....Christine