Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kim Schoenberger - B

I intend to post a letter a week so I can explain my process as I go step by step... mostly via images and inturn making my monthly report of all four letters shorter.

B - applied clay
Using an extruder for icing cakes, porcelain clay is extruded through to make a small coil. A fine 'B' imprinted into the clay tile, via tracing paper.

...starting to build the letter by using the extruded coil, placed over the imprint with a little water to secure and adhere.

Letter B starting to take shape, tools used; brush to apply water on imprint and pointed wooden tool to shape the clay and run along edges to seal.

Fine tuning... adding more coil on each end and in the centre and shaping. Carving the edge for the border with a carving tool, still at the leatherhard stage.

Finished off by leaving to dry then sanded with a fine sanding pad for a smooth surface (in the raw stage ready for bisque).


Fiona Dempster said...

Oh Kim thank you so much for sharing your process - that is truly amazing. I had no idea the letter was built up so painstakingly . I am a clay/ceramic/pottery vacuum so will be thoroughly absorbed by watching what you do (vicariously)!

jgr said...

Gorgeous! And WOW you have a lot of patience.
I love the way it turned out.

Noela Mills said...

A very intricate and detailed technique, beautiful xoxox

Kim Schoenberger said...

Thank you for your positive comments, makes the process rewarding. I know what is ahead of me and it is going to be much slower to reach my outcome... unlike my first alphabet!

Barry said...

K The end product - a whole alphabet in that intricate style is going to be amazing. I won't complain about time consuming creations any more. B