Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fiona's Letters for May

This month hasn't been my best performance with keeping up to date with my letters. Almost every week has seen me rushing and trying to do "a quick letter".  Interestingly this has meant two metal letters and two paper-based letters. The metal letters used similar techniques to each other as did the paper letters. Weird.

R - I cut the letter out of a masking tape and then overwrote with smaller Rs so the letter appears to be on top of the background.
S - I punched the letter S into copper (through tracing paper which moved a bit) and left the patina on the background
T - I wrote the letter onto paper then overwrote with smaller silver Ts, so the letter is in the background
U - I punched the outline of U into galvanised iron and then stitched it with a maroon copper wire.

More details on each letter can be found here.


CJ Kennedy said...

I want to tile a room with these!

Mieke van Sambeeck said...

Looooooove the S!!

callisueart said...

Fiona, these are all great! Thank you for posting all my letters. I have enjoyed the project very much. Where to from here, I wonder! Sue in S Africa where it is Football Fever!

Gemma Black said...

Wow, very creative Fiona!

xxx gb