Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kim Schoenberger - ALaW 2010 - WXYZ

Well we've come to the last four letters in the ALaW 2010 'First' alphabet challenge, it's a rather sad moment it's been such an enjoyable process as I reflect, especially my trips to the local tips and sheetmetal skip bins to fossik....

W - two small triangle cut off steel bits found in the sheetmetal skip bin, one rusted the other still reasonably clean, they do have a slight over hang but as I was extremely happy with the end result I overlooked it.

X - an old tap handle, not rusted but definitely loving the perfect X it makes.

Y - a tiny spanner found in the bottom of my tool box when I was having a clean, drilled a couple of holes to attach,

Z - portion form a chain saw blade.
Kim Schoenberger's... ALaW 2010 - First Alphabet


Gemma Black said...

Super Kim!
Congratulation and well done you!
x gb

Barry said...

K - I know this alphabet has been so much fun for you - almost a shame that it just doesn't roll on. B