Friday, April 16, 2010

JGR letters for April

Well, this set of letters began with an experiment in texture and dimension. I used acrylic paint and dye on Kromecoat cardstock. It has a shiny surface which allows for some delicious subtle textures to occur. Sadly the scanner doesn't do justice but you can see some of the streaks and smears. 
Anyway I 'painted' letters with dimensional craft paint, it has a thin nozzle that makes it easy to work with. After it dried, I rubbed different colors of dye and acrylic paint over the raised letterforms to get the streaky look. Let it dry again, then I scanned everything in order to post.

That's where it got really interesting (I think). In January I made a template for posting my .jpgs as I was dragging my first scanned letter into the template - it became quite cropped due to resolution. I liked the abstract shape that occurred, so I left it. Each letter below is a cropped version of the original: M,N,O,P. 
Thank you for viewing,


CJ Kennedy said...

I love the aqua colors

Barry said...

JGR - love the subtle colours and like how thwe twmplate has resulted in hidden parts of ythe letters. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Jane
Another set of very visually appealing letters- the colours work beautifully! I agree with the template and the missing bits - looks fabulous. I particularly like the swirls and streaks in the 'O'