Friday, March 5, 2010

Linda's first letters

The paint effect on the large large letters was a happy accident! I was experimenting writing with water and dropping black gouache into the puddles - then I blotted one with a kitchen paper towel that has these dots impressed all over it - and it gave this surprising textured effect! So I have run with it and intend completing this alphabet along the same lines. Tools used: Horizon pen, balsa pen, pointed pen or edged pen, all using black gouache diluted in different strengths with water, on HP watercolour paper.



Callie said...

De belles compositions pour ces lettres. Une bonne idée également d'y avoir inséré un mot.
- - - - -
Beautiful compositions for these letters. A good idea also to have inserted a word.

Noela Mills said...

Oh Linda, these are wonderful, especially the accidental blotches and the added word. I love them

jgr said...

These are stunning! I love the texture also.
Can't wait to see your next set.

CJ Kennedy said...


SassyJean said...

Very nice! I like the combination of the big letters with the written words, then if you look closer you see the soft letter in the background.

Anonymous said...

Lovely letters, Linda. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I will soon have some to show.

Sue in South Africa

Anonymous said...

This is serendipity at it's best - inspiring letters

Gemma Black said...

Wonderful Linda. Well done!

x gb

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Linda

Can't wait to see the next four - these are full of life and I love the quiet letter in the background.