Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fiona's Four for February

It has been a busy month; but also one filled with this little project.  I have really enjoyed working with these different materials - my challenge for the year being to experiment with materials and methods I don't usually play with.

My "E" uses aluminium shim. I then used a ballpoint embossing tool to draw the letter and decorate it.
My "F"  looks like leopard skin! I wanted to use a cut-out approach and ended up writing lots of little "Fs" on black paper then cutting out the letter "F" from the lovely top paper  and having the little "Fs" show thru.
My "G" was another experiment - working with silk organza that I had rusted, then stitching the outline of the "G" in metallic gold thread and securing it to card which had gold thread wrapped around it.
My "H" was a rush job when all other thoughts had proven fruitless.  In the end, I used oil pastels on metal, covered it with copper leaf and then pulled the "H" out using a sharp pointy tool. I wanted it it to look free and easy without pulling all the copper off.

More details of the adventures with each letter are over on my paperponderings blog


Kim Schoenberger said...

Hi Fiona, ofcourse I like the 'G' most of all in this selection... my favourite colour... rust!

Anonymous said...

Finally seem to be able to make a comment.
Loved these four letters in gold, silver and copper - a real treasure trove.
The E reminds me of ice, snow and something from a past world. The G is my favourite and to me has a hint of the Orient about it with the silk organza and gold thread.