Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kim Schoenberger's ALaW - EFGH

Just getting these in the nick of time! Life duties dominated this month... and my rust hunts were limited so I had to take to my faithful stock pile to compile most of February.
Welding of these letters to the mesh has been a nightmare, the fragile nature of the mesh pitted out upon welding so I've needed to take a different approach as to how I attach each letter. Some letters I have welded and I guess some components will still need the use of a welder, but majority will now be attached by using a rusted wire tied at the back.

E - is a weathered brass bracket nuts intact with a welded nut and bolt placed in the centre,
F - welded on, with discarded plugs from cut out metal,
G - a rusted bike chain...still abit of movement under all the rust... shaped nicely,
H - a small clamp, not sure from what...with the


Barry said...

K - these are creative and quirky. Must be a challenge keeping your eyes outfor the next batch of letters. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Kim

I love the "H" in particular - so lovely to see the letter when looking at the side of something; and the "G" is fabulous too. And I like the others as well!



Mieke van Sambeeck said...

what an imagination, they'r looking great!