Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wait for me ...

Hi, I'm still here -although a little late. I had planned to have it all on the blog by December 31 2010, but my husband is a social butterfly and can't resist feeding people. Hence the lack of free time over the Christmas/New Year break.

This has been bubbling away in my mind for months, but with trying to get WordsWork into production, printed and sent to all our contributors and ASC members before Christmas, it has been simmering on the back boiler. Not to mentions Colophon ...

... so, this alphabet is done on the canvas I have been using all 2010 for various projects. The original idea was a 1.8 metre square stretched canvas - but who's got space for one of those!
For this project I have taken some of the bits already painted on, and applied more letters and splatters.

Then cut two strips off the edge, 7cm high. These were sewn together at the end and then the whole strip was concertina folded and sewn like a section sewn book at the spine.

After sewing the spine I then applied the letters using a brush - one to each 'page' of my rag book.

And, voila, here is my second little book!

See you in the next blog! (Hopefully on time.)



jgr said...

Meg, it's just beautiful-and so unique!! I love it.
Happy New Year to you.

Fiona Dempster said...

Meg - it's a stunner! Fabulous idea and fabulous execution. It's friendly and cheerful and beautifully lettered to boot.