Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alphabet 2 - Fiona's finished piece

I have decided that the best way for this project to work for me is to have the finished product in mind before I begin; and to try to build it up gradually as I go along. With the first alphabet I had no idea how to present the letters in a finished piece and took weeks after completion to come up with a solution.

This time I had a purpose - I planned to use the book as an exemplar when teaching my heartbeat script. I knew I wanted to use a concertina form and then set off, gradually adding letters to the book as they were finished.

Once I had attached all the letters, I then pondered for a while how I would complete the book. In the end I chose to maintain the concertina; but to contain the exuberance of the book by creating covers and 'tapes' that could be threaded thru some stitching to hold it together for most of the time. I also thought it needed a slip case, so covered one in nice rusted paper.

The book can be held in the hand and the pages turned; or it can be fanned out as a concertina. I like the flexibility.


confuzed said...

Beautiful Fiona! I love the flexibility. I find it easier to come up with the finished idea to aim for too. And I just love little books, Meg

Elaine said...

The combination of your letters and the book form work beautifully together. What a lovely idea, it gves another dimension to a concertina book. I also find I need to have worked out the the finished piece before I start.