Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi to all ALAW participants. It's Noela here.
I hope the festive season has left everyone happy and contented and ready for new challenges.
Before the year officially ends, I'd like to say a great big sincere and loving THANK YOU to Fiona for organising, motivating, posting, and even publishing to 'hard copy' our efforts and attempts at such a wide range of letters throughout the year.
Here she is, stitching and drawing into her beautiful rust dyed braille paper. I hope we can do her proud and continue this fabulous journey next year.     
Love to all, Noela

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Kim Schoenberger said...

Here! Here! Noela... yes, a big thanks to Fiona.

p.s A note of sincere apologies from me! I am very late with the last 5 letters and promise I will finish them soon. promise!