Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fiona's November letters plus

I have generally been posting 4 letters for each month and merrily continuing along my way. What I realised last night of course is that 4 letters for every month means only 48 letters; so I need to catch up and post a few where there were 5 weeks in a month or something, so that I can complete my 52 for the year.

I am continuing to stitch my 'heartbeat' script onto rusted braille paper - in readiness for  a sampler book that I can use to teach my heartbeat script next year.

So here are my latest 6 letters, leaving me only December's 4 to post at the end of the year. Phew. I still have to 'do' December's letters as well, but one thing at a time I reckon! And then of course, the book to make!

Q: an outline letter, with circles referencing the braille punched out

R: a lovely letter, with groupings of braille dots and general background shapes outlined in pencil

S: such a light and flight letter, I felt it needed grounding with horizontal bars at the bottom

T: a strong letter, with woodburning tool square 'branding' in the background

U: some tiny cut-out triangles folded back as embellishment

V: this is a lovely letter, with off set square and rectangle running stitch in lead pencil as a backdrop

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