Tuesday, November 16, 2010

negative and positive

I could not help mixing up the soy fibres with bleached cotton for added flavour. I can't wait to put the letters together for the final presentation. The hat is shaping up in the mind more clearly now.


Paul C said...

You have created a focused challenge for yourself this year. Soy fibres and bleached cotton...interesting mediums.

Barry said...

C- It is going to be one wild hat. B

Dana said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I am glad to have found you, Your work is very inspiring.

I will be back to visit often.

Have a beautiful day~~

Petra Eller said...

I found your blog and i am very impressed. Such fabulous ideas with the letters . I like it very much.
Greetings from bavaria ;)

Fiona Dempster said...

Looks like some lovely bleaching on black and those wispy fibres still entrance me. What fun you will have pulling it all together!