Friday, November 26, 2010

Helen's second alphabet

At long last I am nearing completion of my second alphabet. It is in the form of a concetina book with pop outs and is titled "being other than letters".

 Seeing Fiona's braille backgrounds, set me to thinking of all the ways letters/ideas can be transmitted other than by an actual letter of the alphabet. Sorting through a lot of candidates, I settled on 3 of what I thought have been the most commonly used - Braille, Morse Code and Naval pennants. Technology in the future will probably render all of these obsolete.

 I hope to overlay the background of these pages with hand-drawn beautiful letters to accentuate the difference between mechanical methods and the beauty and art of shapes drawn by the human hand. As time is going quickly that may have to be another book. As a shortcut, and as I love embossing, I have embossed different styles of letters into the page.


Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Helen - love it! What a great exploration. I like the way meaning is explored and the different methodologies honoured. I also liked finding the embossed letters - I just love embossing as you do!

Anonymous said...

These is facinating and beautiful. Indeed these pennants will soon be a lost art.