Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fiona's letters for October

My how time flies!  Here is my next instalment of embroidered letters on rusted braille paper. I continue to alternate the outlined letters with the filled in ones, and try to add a a slight embellishment in the background without detracting from the paper or the letter.

M: I worked a few french knots into the background.
 N: I outlined some of the braille dots in pencil. Amazing how different light affects the colour of the shot.
O: With such a lovely tide/watermark, I just did tiny silver dot lines around some of the fainter tidemarks
 P: A couple of lines of running stitch in pencil


Anonymous said...

F - I enjoy the balance of you stitched letters. They are both delicate yet strong.Great contrast between the blue and the rusted paper. B

Kim Schoenberger said...

I love the touch of the french knots added to M, and I really like the O.

CJ Kennedy said...

Wonderful. I love the shade of blue you chose

Elaine said...

They are wonderul. As with your previous letters, they have the appearance of landscapes.

Carolyn Barker said...

Lovely Fiona!