Friday, October 8, 2010

A lovely sideways addition

In the funny connecting world of blogs and and the 'interweb' Carolyn Barker, a fabulous jeweller found me over at Paperponderings looking for how to fold Japanese temple papers. As you do.

She left a comment and I always like to follow up with folk who comment so I went in search and found her 'in its early stages' website and these!

Can you believe how fabulous these silver alphabet rings are? You can see the full set of rings a-z here.

Carolyn kindly gave me permission to show them here as they match our world so well.  In that other weird go around the world with the 'interweb' thing, we discovered we only live about half an hour's drive away from each other!


brandi said...

~who knew the alphabet could look so pretty sparkling in pieces of jewelry...beautiful letters...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Carolyn Baker said...

Hi All

Thanks for including me on your delightful site.

Beautiful letters everyone. It will be wonderful to see each of your second lot of finished works.

Warm regards