Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiona's e f g h

I have continued to stitch into my rusted braille paper and I am so happy that I discovered embroidering paper - who'd have thought? Each week I add a bit of decoration in the background to make the letters slightly individual. Despite the photos - they are all stitched in a beautiful soft grey thread.

E - I made a series of small spiral swirls with a lead pencil in one corner of the square

F- A few bits of silver leaf were attached - I like how they echo some of the shapes in the rusted paper

G- I chose some interestingly marked paper and didn't embellish it as there is quite a bit of letter going on

H- Once again, burnt incense holes and charring appear...


Gemma Black said...

x gb

Helen Percy Lystra said...

These are beautiful... you're right, whoda thunk it!

Kim Schoenberger said...

And the close up's show o'so neat stitching too, very nice Fiona!

callisueart said...

So original and creative! Sue