Friday, August 20, 2010

Kim Schoenberger - E

Abit behind the 8 ball...doing catch up!
It's a bit too cool and damp for the studio today and I feel like staying inside and dry... because I can!
Techniques continue....basic methods of application when working with clay.

E - Resist with paper

E traced, cut and positioned into place on clay,
Slip made with Really Rich Red stain and porcelain clay, to a paste and brushed on,

left to dry, then paper is carefully lifted off.

Completely dry, defined all line bleed from application of slip, sanded and ready for bisque.


callisueart said...

I love what you are doing with clay and slip, very inspirational. I think I would like to try something similar with air drying clay and metallic inks or paint. Thanks for sharing your technique. I look forward to seeing the next lot! Warm regards, Sue

Kim Schoenberger said...

Thanks Sue, clay is a great medium and I enjoy working with, nice idea with the air drying clay and metallic ink / paint! Regards, Kim