Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heather's new alphabet

Here is the start of my second alphabet. I have mounted my first one and will photograph it and send to you as soon as it is able to be hung.

My last alphabet was of found objects...this one is my favourite Spencerian Script on "plastic" paper, mounted on foiled paper which I cut from a Brandenberg Concert Brochure and which has been hidden in my scrap paper basket, waiting for the right moment. I had a hankering to do some writing this time. Carpe Diem...22 to go.


jgr said...

These letters are beautiful! I also like the metallic background, It adds a subtle richness.

elena nuez said...

i love a letter a week!!!
greetings from spain

Callie said...

C'est très élégant, de belles lettres.
_ _ _ _ _

It's very elegant, beautiful letters.