Saturday, July 3, 2010

So many great letters

So many people have completed so many great letters to complete our first alphabet. My last four letters have been relatively easy as they are all straight lines and therefore I was able create them using the foldforming approach.

I have attempted to start and finish each fold within the border of the metal. This is a bit more challenging than just running the letter off the 'page'; it also results in a much softer or subtle fold. The metal is buckled because the folding was done without annealing the metal.
I have added the photo above to show the contrast between my earlier letters where the fold is running off the metal and these later letters contained within the plate. Somehow when I photographed the six letters together I picked up what I thought was a nice tinge of blue.

1 comment:

jgr said...

These are very cool! They have an ancient and a modern feeling, I can see the blue tint, too.