Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letters on a rusted square

For my second alphabet I have chosen to use a font called Chiller. I chose it because it is reasonably free form and looks something like letters that are created by using a brush dipped in ink.

I have also chosen to work on squares of rusted thin metal sheets we had collected from the roadside collection. I am going to engrave the letters onto the metal and treat it with fixative as I want the contrast of the newly revealed metal against the rust.
I then will bend each square diagonally to create a shape that suggests a bird in flight.
The final piece I create from the whole alphabet will be like a flock of birds in flight.


Fiona Dempster said...

I think these are looking amazing!

Callie said...

Les lettres sont effectivement sympathiques.
Et le travail du métal pas si facile ?
- - - - -
The letters are actually nice.
And Metalworking not so easy?

Barry said...

Callie - I love the metal working - and have cut 26 squarwes of rusted metal to continue my work. I have a plan for the final piece called Words in Flight Barry