Saturday, June 5, 2010

For Sue

I was doing some glass fusing for a sculptural piece (bower) for the Lucas Parklands Sculpture on the Edge exhibition. At the same time I was doing the letter X for ALaW. It struck me that Sue uses a kiln view hole as the link to her alphabet for this first ALaW period.

The above photos show the glow of the kiln as I fused my glass; and I could not resist taking a photo of my letter X with the red glow of the viewing hole next to it. Sue I just love your alphabet.


callisueart said...

Wow! That is stunning!! The colour is one of my favourites! Amazing! The first photo could be your letter 'O' and the last one, ummmm, a 'U'??
a curve of peephole and then the white vertical line! Whatya think?! Sue who would love to see your glass work.

Barry said...

S Glad you liked the photos. I think I will leave the peep hole letters to you. Check out the following to see what I was doing with the glass Cheers. B