Monday, June 7, 2010

Elaines May letters

Week 18. V - EW
I wanted to create a 3D illusion and at the same make it appear that the letter was done with silver threads. I used silver gouache and pressure on a copperplate nib to write ‘over’ the letter shape and light strokes for the background. The red threads are real!

Week 19. Y- EW
The background is a black and white photo printed on photocopy paper. The Y is cut out from a thin overhead transparency film. I like the way the two pieces seem to become one.

Week 20.             J -  EW
Lino print using silver and red inks. I must admit that the J was part of a larger lino print that I had done sometime ago. To fit it into the 7 cm square I had to use a detail, but it seems to work like that too.

Week 21.             K -  EW
Silver artificial leaf on Wills gilding mix The red crayon and white pencil were added afterwards as I felt the letter didn’t have much character and these also helped to show up the texture of the paper. 


Fiona Dempster said...

Wow - that Y is wild! The cut off J works and I like the play in the K as well. You did well with the 3-D image especially simply changing pressure on the nib!

Keren said...

Well done Mum!