Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elaine's final letters...&

Elaine sent these thru a week or so ago so I apologise for the late posting (Fiona).

I am off overseas tomorrow, until the end of July, so I am sending my June letters in a early. The July letters will be a little late.
This has been a wonderful experience, I have enjoyed the challenge so much. When I first planned the alphabets I thought I would do a similar exercise for the 2nd alphabet using lower-case letters. Now I have other ideas, more colour that’s for sure.

Week 22. L
Monoprint, printed from a paper stencil of the letter ‘L’, using red and silver printing inks. I tried to create a dark and slightly mysterious atmosphere with the combination of the printing inks on the textured side of the Canson Mi-teintes paper.

Week 23. T
The background is a black and white photograph using a ‘tone dropout’ technique. I couldn’t resist adding the letter T to the ghostly image of the tree. Written with silver acrylic gouache in a double ruling pen, the red gouache highlight added later.

Week 24. M
I covered the background paper with red and silver oil pastel crayons, then painted black gouache over the top. While the gouache was still slightly wet I ‘drew’ into it with the end of a paint brush handle allowing the colours to reappear.

Week 25. U
With two metal knitting needles tied together I wrote the letter on the textured side of Canson Mi-teintes paper. The needles made slight indentations into the paper which showed up when shaded lightly with the red and silver coloured pencils. (The silver pencil outline is actually parallel to edge of the square, my photo is not shot square on).

Week 26. F
Multi printing of my hand-cut rubber stamp using a silver stamp pad. Red gouache in the ruling pen for the line (this line is parallel to edge of the square, my photo again not shot square on).

And &
I needed an extra letter whch will fill a space in the finished layout of the alphabet.
I used a reed pen and Dr. Martins silver Spectralite ink to write the &. I added some red foil as a decoration


Gemma Black said...

Well done Elaine. Looking forward to your second alphabet (full of colour). Enjoy your time away (I know you have already gone but you might check this O/S).


Barry said...

E =- I particularly like the double movement and contrast in the T. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Elaine they look gorgeous as ever. THe stamp worked brilliantly and the T and the M are both so expressive. I love the way the knitting needles left indents in the paper for U as well. Can't wait to see the final piece!