Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Letters

This month found me moving from the traditional to brush letters. An out of the square move for me. I'll be experimenting more with the brush. I liked the freedom and the fluid feel of the tool. The letter "R" was done for the record breaking rain my state of Massachusetts has had this month. We've spent each week of the month mopping water out of the basement. Turquoise water color with Dr. Ph Martin gold and silver dropped on it while still wet. Made me think of the rainbows created in puddles. The letter was drawn and colored with water soluble oil pastels. If you look carefully at the letter, you can see spots where the rain hit the paper. I was out at 1am for the finishing touch as the last band of heavy rains blew in. Good thing it was pitch dark and no one could see me. Otherwise, the neighbors would be saying I ain't got enough sense to get in out of the rain.

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Fiona Dempster said...


I really like them all - so different and individual and all so good. The 'H' is elegant simplicity; and I love your rain one (we could have been doing heaps of them as well).

Looks like a really light touch on the 'Z'!

Go well