Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fiona's March letters

I have continued my plan to explore different approaches and challenge myself and am still enjoying all the experimentation.  Here are my 5 for March:
I - a mono print (a good letter to write back to front so it prints the right way!)
J - a calligraphic pattern in the background, 'O' written over and over
K - Gold foil on dried PVA, ironed on
L - black acrylic, gold acrylic on top with the letter and other 'swishes' pulled out
M - etched copper. The letter was stopped out and the background etched, leaving the green patina on the letter.


Ken Munsie said...

luv em ... especially the K - I can relate to that - Gold foil on dried PVA, ironed on ...!!!!
- Ken

jgr said...

These are wonderful! My fave is the J on the background of o's.

CJ Kennedy said...

Very handsome especially K