Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My first 4 - Helen

Attached are my first four letters. They are on Arches CP 185 gm paper done with pencil and embossing . I propose to do all the letters on the one piece in 25 embossed windows. They are all going to be miniscules and the only criteria is that I find the shapes pleasing.



Noela said...

These are exquisite Helen, congratulations!

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Helen

What a great idea to work on the one piece. I love the embossing (of course) and the use of pencil - we so often forget the beauty of the humble pencil lines and shading.

Go well


Pam's pens, papers & stuff said...

Your letters are great. Look forward to the next four.

Gemma Black said...

Beautiful Helen, Superb as ever, delicate and scrumptious. I could eat them! x x gb

Mariella Soto de Niño said...

Helen, your work is clean and beautiful. I love the embossing.