Saturday, February 27, 2010

February lettersI need to mention that I am not a calligrapher so I'm a bit 'out of my league' but glad to be here. 
Last month, I gave myself a few rules for this challenge: Using my opposite hand only and no starting over. Each letter must be spontaneous for better or worse. I've learned a great deal so far and I've discovered a few nice techniques for loosening up: E-left handed with abstract shapes (inspired by some of my favorite acrylic painters' blogs) and a border. F- thick marker outline filled in with circular doodles, abstract color bars in the background. G-The details did not show up well but it's outlined in several different pen colors, then the yellow was added to define the letter which is slightly cut off at the edges. H- created the outline while holding two pens in my hand, it has a drop shadow, out-of-register effect which I liked so I filled in the odd shapes and placed it on a random background. Thank you for viewing!


Gemma Black said...

Welcome to the "league" JGR! Your self imposed challenge will be well worth it. Good for you! x gb

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Jane

I LOVE that purple "H"! Amazing control given two pens in your left hand. The whole piece works beautifully.


Barry said...

J - I think it is good thing that we non-cllligraphers can join in the creative fun of it all; and it does seem to bring the unusual out of a lot of us. B

Anonymous said...

These are so bright and joyous they make me feel happy